Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why do we have to learn the correct technique?
A The answer is quite simple, without correct technique you won't become a good dancer. Practice makes perfect!

Q Do we need to wear proper dancing shoes?
A Whilst latin sandals, court shoes or jazz shoes are not essential for dancing, wearing the correct footwear certainly makes dancing easier. Most dance shoes have suede soles which can be brushed with a specially designed brush to prevent against slipping. Correct shoes also enhance the look of the feet, ankles and legs. We recommend shoes and accessories to be purchased from a local retailer: 'Heart & Sole' dancewear a step ahead, 131, Victoria Road, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2PD Telephone 0115 911 8717

Q Do I need a partner?
A Pupils attending the Children's classes do not need a partner. Adults wanting a private lesson can come on their own or with a partner.

Q What should I wear?
A Anything you feel comfortable in.

Q What dances do I learn for a Bronze Ballroom exam?
A You have to perform two dances, we teach you Waltz & Quickstep.

Q Do I have to take Medal Examinations?
A Not at all you are welcome to attend the medal classes without taking an examination.

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